PVC free food grade serial mini money 228 1814015 SOLUTION KÜHLTASCHEN Material: Polyester 600d Maße (cm): B 25,5 x H 16 x T 15 VE (Stück): 50 Hauptfach mit 2-Wege-Reißverschluss; flache Vortasche; Handgriffe Werbefläche (cm, Siebdruck): auf der Front B 15 x H 7 Werbeanbringungstechniken: Siebdruck S. 239; Stick S. 239; Transfer- druck S. 239; Doming S. 240; Digital- drucklabel S. 240; Metallemblem S. 241; Geschenkkarton (1) S. 242 Lunchbag black (1) red (5) apple green (187) navy (3) white (18) COOL BAGS lunch bag Material: Polyester 600d Size (cm): W 25,5 x H 16 x D 15 Packing (pcs): 50 main compartment with 2-way zipper; flat front pocket; handles Decoration area (cm, silkscreen): on the front W 15 x H 7 Decoration possibilities: silkscreen print p. 239; embroidery p. 239; transfer print p. 239; doming p. 240; dig- itally printed label p. 240; metal emblem p. 241; present box (1) p. 242 SOLUTION. The colourful lunchbox. For your midday meal in the office or for a picnic. A typical sandwich box and a large plastic box will fit in here, as well as a small drink and an apple - the foodsafe foil makes this possible.