PVC free 217 1807556 MODERNCLASSIC SHOPPINGTASCHEN Material: Filz Maße (cm): B 37 x H 30 x T 12 VE (Stück): 25 hochwertiger Filzshopper; innen abnehmbare, flache Wertsachen- Reißverschlusstasche Werbefläche (cm, Stick): auf der Front B 23 x H 13 Werbeanbringungstechniken: Stick S. 239; Transferdruck S. 239; Digitaldrucklabel S. 240; Metallemblem S. 241; Doming S. 240; Geschenkkarton (1) S. 242 City-Shopper WERTSACHENTASCHE anthracite (10) SHOPPING BAGS Material: felt Size (cm): W 37 x H 30 x D 12 Packing (pcs): 25 premium felt shopper; removable zipper pouch for valuables Decoration area (cm, embroidery): on the front W 23 x H 13 Decoration possibilities: embroidery p. 239; transfer print p. 239; digitally printed label p. 240; metal emblem p. 241; doming p. 240; present box (1) p. 242 city shopper POUCH FOR VALUABLES MODERNCLASSIC. A real affair of the heart for HALFAR®: the challenge of aligning something just to suit your taste. This shopper made from supple felt in the colour anthracite looks particularly sophisticated with embroidery decorations in the colours you select. Which motif may we immortalise for you? By the way, we can also offer another, particularly treasured detail: the little chain with pendant. Ideal for the presentation doming logos - either in addition to an embroidered logo or as a subtle, purist advertisement.